Compositions That Inspire

Let's capture the viewpoints you want to show and transpose them into notes: With Frank M. Fischer, comprehensive knowledge for those decisive moments is available to you. Both in the filming itself and the accompanying scoring, your world is created at our own production studios in colors that come alive, a world full of musical emotions.

Frank M. Fischer is the director and creative mind of music 'n' motion. He has been making music since he was 7 years old. His career has included touring as a keyboarder with the group Gong and with Mike Oldfield's band, and when he's not in the studio he can still be found onstage "gigging with the pros" around the globe.

Having meanwhile accumulated 14 years of experience in the advertising, film and studio sectors, he has been active as a self-employed composer and producer since 1991. The number of renowned companies that value the professional work together with him and his team is large and continues to grow.

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